HiFi Klubben and Taalbureau IJ have been collaborating since 2012. They have undertaken the translation of all our marketing material from Danish into Dutch and we have no reservations in recommending them. Their level of professionalism is very high, they are very flexible, and their ability to make processes run smoothly and maintain high quality even under time pressure is very impressive.

Christoffer Arensbach, CEO HiFi Klubben


I worked closely with Taalbureau IJ for three years in the context of producing the Scandinavian Living magazine in Denmark for publication in the Netherlands and Belgium. It was an absolute pleasure to work with this agency. Our contact was personal yet highly professional, reflecting a high level of commitment and mutual respect for one another’s professional knowledge. The language specialists at Taalbureau IJ carried out the assignments swiftly, effectively and constructively, always paying attention to the bigger picture without losing sight of the smallest details. Our cooperation extended far beyond translation alone; they also appreciated and had insight into the circumstances, processes and finished product and in that sense played an active editorial role. Always flexible, always prepared to offer a helping hand under pressure and willing to go the extra mile needed to make tight deadlines. And last but not least, they took just as much pride in their work as we did as the editorial team. I highly recommend working with Taalbureau IJ. They played an essential role in creating the Dutch version of our magazine.

Charlotte Ravnholt, former editor-in-chief of Scandinavian Living